SwimOutlet Team Suits

Here is the link to access and purchase a team suit. Purchasing a team suit is not a requirement, however I do try to , as possible keep the design similar if not the same from year to year so swimmers can keep their team suits for several swim seasons. If a swimmer only wears their team suits to meets these should last 2-4 years.

Here is the link :


*** Just so you know the image of the girl’s suit is not the one we have ordered in the past. When you click on girl’s suits , another suit will pop up, the Speedo PowerFLEX Eco is the suit we have used the past couple years. This seems to have the largest size run at a decent price at this point.



Swim Season 2017-2018

Please stay tuned for information on our Swim Team Info Meeting coming up soon, in the next couple weeks . Our practices will begin the week of Thanksgiving with our first practice Monday November 20th at 7:30-8:30 pm at the Bowdoin Pool .

Below are links to our Meet Schedule, November practice schedule, December meet and practice schedule, and January/February meet and practice schedule.

Swim Meet Schedule

Nov. Prac. Schedule

Dec. Prac:Meet Schedule

Jan:Feb. Practice :Meets Schedule 2018