Couple of announcements Jan 16th

Home meet tonight, warm ups are at 5pm.

Also team pictures will be at Bowdoin on Thursday either before or after practice, we have not gotten a time yet .

Top times currently 



Monday Dec.18th

The team store is having some technical difficulties, I called today and they are aware of the issue as it is a site wide issue for them and they are currently working on resolving to issue as soon as possible.

Early meet tomorrow with a 5:30 start, so a 5pm warm up . Plan to be there about 4:45 to get in the water at 5pm ..

Season has been off to a great start and we could not be more proud of our new inexperienced swimmers as well as our seasoned veterans ! Keep up the great work !

Just got word this AM – new departure time for Hyde 12/8/17 Friday now 4:15pm

Just got an email late last night and word this morning from our AD that the departure time for the meet tomorrow , Friday Dec. 8th to Wisscassette to swim Hyde School has changed from 4:45 departure to 4:15 departure. This means swimmers need to be behind the school at the bus at 4pm or close to so we can leave at 4:15 . 

Sorry for the extremely late notice which was beyond our control as we know this may inconvenience many of you .

Link to Team Store !! ( Currently on hold for editing, still on HOLD 12/1

Please do not try to order from the fanstore , it is NOT accurate at this point. The business we are ordering from is currently working on technical difficulties 


Our swim team store will be open from now until 12/22/17. In the store are over 40 different possible items to chose from and hopefully there is something for everyone’s taste and budget.

** The funds raised by the sale of these items goes to help offset the costs of the end of season swim team banquet at China Rose for swimmers.


*** The team store will hopefully be up and running Friday Dec.1 at some point. Some options I had chosen and the way I had designed were not possible, so they are helping me edit and change some options currently

If for some reason you need a password for the store site : MTAswimming  is the password