No practice tonight 2/15/17

All after school activities are cancelled for this afternoon . As well if we do not have school tomorrow we would not have practice .

But I have rescheduled the swim banquet at the China Rose for this Sat. at 1:30. Hopefully most of you can attend. We will still have awards at the Winter Sports Awards night as well, which will be March 15th at 6:30 .


If you are interested , NESCAC meet at Bowdoin 2/10-2/12 needs timers

I was wondering if you think the Mt. Ararat HS Swim Team could cover a session of backup timing for the NESCAC Meet?  We need 16 people (2 per lane) to cover a session. I don’t have much to offer except a ton of fast swimming in an exciting environment.
We have six sessions
  • Friday AM – 9:45-12:30
  • Friday PM – 5:45-9:00
  • Saturday AM – 9:45 – 12:30
  • Saturday PM – 5:45-9:15 PM
  • Sunday AM – 9:45 – 12:30
  • Sunday PM – 5:15-8:00 PM

Brad Burnham ( Bowdoin Swim Coach )

Updates for swimming 2/1/17

SO no practice the next two nights. Be sure to get plenty of sleep and eat lots of good food!. We need to be at the bus at 7:15 for a 7:30 departure to Bath  from the MIDDLE SCHOOL . Our warm up is 8am and meet starts at 9:30.

We will have a bus back to the middle school. The meet should end around 1:30. If your parents are planning to be at the meet and take you home be sure to stop by and see either myself or Coach Butts in the lobby at the YMCA so they can sign you out. We do not want to leave anyone in Bath. 

Also we will be having a fun practice on Monday the 6th from 7:30 to 8:30pm. Please plan to come and join us for a FUN last practice as an entire team .

Planning to have our swim team banquet on Sat. the 11th at the China Rose around 1:30 we are thinking. I need to call and reserve but please plan to come , celebrate our graduating senior swimmers. We will still attend the Winter Sports Awards night at the beginning of March. There you will get your letters, certificates etc.. 

We are reserved at the China Rose for 1:30 on Sat. Feb 11th .

Week of 1/23-1/26

Another great meet last Friday !!

Please note this week we have practice scheduled 7:30-8:30 with a meet tomorrow night at Bath. Obviously if school is cancelled due to weather the meet would be cancelled. Please check here and Facebook for updates as far as that goes.

Right now we have nothing scheduled on Friday. Will update you here if that changes, ie. we have a practice that night ..